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centre Aquitain des Technologies de l’information et électroniques

Our 3 main areas of competence

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

For all data-related topics aux données

Cloud, Blockchain , Numerical simulation, Data exploitation, Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing, speech-to-Text, Computer vision, …)

Human Factor and Cognition

Develop technologies meeting users’ abilities

Human and social sciences applied to industry, User-centered design, Human-Machine interaction, Training / new technologies, Human physiological and behavioural monitoring

Embedded Systems and IoT

Embedded systems

Industrial and consumer IoT, Complex embedded systems (hardware and software), Cyber-security, Artificial Intelligence at embedded level.

Our 3 RELATED innovation platforms

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive and Behavioural assessment

Internet of Things

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+33 5 64 31 01 00
1, Avenue du Docteur Albert Schweitzer – F-33400 TALENCE

Délégation Nord-Aquitaine
CATIE – Technopole ESTER – Bâtiment CISTEME
12 Rue de Gémini – F-87280 LIMOGES

Délégation Sud-Aquitaine
CATIE – Technopole Izarbel – Bâtiment ESTIA
90 Allée Faust d’Elhuyar – F-64210 BIDART

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