Algorithms and data

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A department dedicated to massive and parallel data processing.

This Department,  which is focused on information processing tools, has expertise on all related technologies. From storage to retrieval and processing, it is focused on data and on its exploitation.

Artificial Intelligence

CATIE’s experts know how to meet all challenges of data enhancement:

  • natural language processing , which consists of extracting information from texts,
  • computer vision which allows to understand a scene based on previously known image or video, and
  • machine learning or deep learning to better understand, anticipate and predict behaviours.

big data

The new tools allow you to create value from your existing data and to imagine cross-references that were previously impossible.
Thanks to its expertise and contacts, CATIE assists you to create and implement your data projects (NoSQL, Cloud and BigData).
Crossing heterogeneous data offers many opportunities for innovation and their massive processing breaks down historical barriers.


This new type of database promises to secure and validate transactions.
However, their implementation requires to master all concepts related to the technology:

  • public, private, consortium blockchain?
  • which technology should be used?
  • what kind of consensus?

Our team knows how to explain concepts in a simple way to help you make the best choices for your project.

An academic and industrial environment

Because of its cross positioning, CATIE drives innovation projects based on :

  • companies of excellence in the digital field: networking allows opportunities to emerge,
  • research laboratories requesting transfer: we bring together the best experts for each project, and
  • existing means: access to treatment resources is facilitated.


The Technological Innovation Platform dedicated to Artificial Intelligence

The access to Artificial Intelligence for SMEs and intermediate size companies  is also facilitated by VANIILA, a working and calculation environment offering technological bricks, resulting from CATIE’s work, use cases as well as tutorials to better understand and implement these bricks.

and data

Human-centered systems

Cyber-physical systems