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Designing  digital objects

Digital objects are already part of our daily life and will have a more and more significant part in our life in the near future. Thanks to its resources and experience in hardware and softwarehe, the Cyber-Physical Systems Department helps companies answer these questions and finalize a product with the maximum number of assets to achieve commercial success.

Making objects smarter and more efficient in their interactions with the physical world and optimizing the systems energy consumption are some of our main goals.
The highly disruptive field of IoT offers everyone, but especially start-ups and SMEs, very interesting opportunities that CATIE can help to seize thanks to its knowledge of component technologies and its ecosystem.

Main areas of expertise

This Department is specialized in embedded and robotic systems in areas such as industrial and consumer IoT.
Our skills allow us to develop complex electronic boards requiring hardware (analog, power supply, radio, high speed digital) and software layers (microcontroller, microprocessor, FPGA, …).
Among current challenges of the Department, we are particularly interested in cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence in embedded systems.

We are also working in the field of robotics, developing assistance robots interacting with humans in natural language, navigate autonomously and can recognize and grasp common objects.

The Technological Innovation Platform dedicated to IoT

6TRON aims to facilitate and support companies in the development of their own electronic solutions for the Internet of Industrial Objects.

This platform was awardeded in 2019 by the Embedded France professional association .

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Cyber-physical systems