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Discover CATIE

Providing solutions for the digital economy

CATIE (Centre Aquitain des Technologies de l’Information et Électroniques) is a non-profit organization created in 2014 based in the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

As a technology resources center specialized in digital technology, our main mission is to support SMEs and intermediate size companies in their digital transformation and to help them embracing and integrating related technologies.

Furthermore, we also work on research projects with public laboratories and digital technologies experts (startups, large companies…) and frequently participate in EU-founded projects.

At the center of innovative companies and research

Strategically located in the center of the Bordeaux University campus, CATIE is closely connected with both local academic reasearch centers and regional companies, as well as with students.

CATIE offers an unusual multidisciplinary approach based on 3 main competence areas: Human Factors & Cognition, Data Science (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain) and Embedded Electronics, each of which being supported by a dedicated department.

Thanks to its 40 employees, mostly PhD’s and Engineers, its skills are mainly technical. CATIE shares its expertise and provides human and material resources that might be missins or undersiezd in the companies or laboratories it works with, as well as a recognized know-how in technologies integration.

Our fields of expertise

We can intervene in the following fields:

  • Research and Development services, prospective research and expertise
  • Access to optimized and proven technological bricks to be integrated into products
  • Supervised access to CATIE shared means or Aquitaine laboratories/schools resources
  • Individualized support for the transition from R&D to industry especially for small and medium companies.
  • Joint R&D platforms

CATIE fulfils its missions by participating in research and transfer programs, but also by implementing open and collaborative “Technological Innovation Platforms”, i.e. experimental environment to develop and transfer new technologies to companies.

6TRON focuses on the Internet of Things, while the two others address Artificial Intelligence (VANIILA) and Behavioural and Cognitive Assessment (PEAC²H), for a better integration of Human in the acceptability of complex and innovative systems.