Digital solutions

Designing digital items serving the human being

Digital objects are already part of our daily life and they will significantly increase in many aspects of our life, in the coming years.
Game, Education, Heath, Transport, Industry, are sectors where digital objects can improve our daily life.

However, a company that has an innovative idea applying for these markets will have to get through many stages before creating an item which can meet market success.

Which architecture will the company have to choose for the functions; how should they be partitioned between software and hardware ; what will the company choose to reuse or design ; how will it integrate a technological innovation ; how will it ensure to meet users’ abilities and needs and how will it develop the product without undue delay ?

Thanks to its means and its knowledge both in hardware and software, the CATIE “Digital solutions” TU helps companies getting answers to these questions. It also helps them achieving a product with the most real advantages to be successful on the market.