Big data and HPC

A technological unit dedicated to massive and parallel processing

This TU which is focused on information processing tools, has expertise on all related technologies. From storage to retrieval and processing, this TU is focused on data and on its value.

Big Data: the beginning

New tools enable you to create value on your existing data and discover linkages which would have been hidden before.
Thanks to its expertise and its contacts, the CATIE helps you creating and setting up your data projects on NoSQL, Cloud and BigData technologies.
Crossing heterogeneous data offers many innovative opportunities and processing them massively removes historical barriers.

High Performance Computing serving digital simulation

Digital simulation makes it possible to study many phenomena which values are used to verify assumptions or to make predictions.
HPC which is based on distributed computing, makes quick iterations easier. The TU supports projects where defining, implementing and generating simulations is key.

An academic and industrial fabric

Thanks to its cross-functional positioning, the CATIE propels innovative projects based on:
– High tech Digital companies : creating contacts may generate new opportunities
– Research laboratories with technology transfers opportunities : we bring together the best expert for each project
– Existing means: easier access to resources