PIXEL : Port IoT for Environnemental Leverage

PIXEL : Port IoT for Environnemental Leverage


Ports are excellent examples of heterogenous information concentrators. Several stakeholders operate inside and outside the port with different motivations and objectives. Although data and information exchanges are provided by port community systems (PCS), these exchanges are still limited to official documents and for port authority services such as custom declarations, import/export of goods and other official documents. Right now, the integration of operational data is far from being optimal in most ports, particularly in small or medium sized ports where budget is limited, and IT departments often outsourced. On the other hand, the amount of available operational data (resources monitoring, container status, ship operations, measures of the quality of air and water, …) keeps increasing as technology becomes less expensive and largely available.
PIXEL has a mission to promote a multi-stakeholder collaboration that would enable an optimal use of internal and external resources, a sustainable economic growth and a decrease in environmental impacts in all the ports, no matter the size or the operation volume. In this sense, PIXEL intends to bring about a new paradigm for the Port of the Future. To do so, PIXEL will build on an IoT infrastructure to willingly exchange data between ports and stakeholders. The main result of such action will be an efficient use of ports’ resources, thus ensuring a sustainable development for them. PIXEL is based on four use cases for real-life deployment.

CATIE and its role in the project

CATIE is the leader for the Work Package responsible for modelling, simulation and data analysis of ports activities and will thus be in charge of the implementation of PIXEL pilot in GPMB (Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux – Bordeaux Port). This project will also be an occasion for CATIE to build on and highlight previous work that was developed in 6TRON project, thanks to its interoperability with PIXEL’s IoT platform.
Learn more: www.pixel-ports.eu

This project has received funding from the European’s Union Horizon 2020 research innovation program under grant agreement No. 769355   eu